Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What your iphone is teaching me, an open letter from a child to her parents(a not so wordless weds)

Dear Mom and Dad,

This photo takes me back!  Look how small I was!  Look at that iPhone, what was that 4, s4, or 5? In any case it was years ago!  I remember you taking me to the playground.  I would get so excited to go play.  Playing was the best!  You would call my name and ask if I wanted to go to the park.  You would tell me to get my clothes on, sometimes I needed your help with that, but you were busy looking at what that one guy from high school was posting on facebook.  I wined in an attempt to get your attention, and you yelled at me to get my clothes on so we could go already.  I learned quickly not to ask you for help.  I would get dressed, get my shoes on and hope beyond hope that iPhone would be left behind.  You would lovingly tuck iPhone in your pocket as not to lose it.  We would get to the park, I would run to the swings hoping you would tell me a story while you pushed me.  You would help me up, give a few pushes, and then out would come iPhone. 
I would try to talk to you, but all I would get was a distracted mm hum.  My swing would come to a very slow stop.  I would plead for another push or two. Remember what you would say? "One second." In a very annoyed tone.  Well those were the longest one seconds ever!  I would sit in that swing for what felt like an eternity.  I would sit and wait and hope that you would remember I was there.  I would finally lose it and start to cry to get out of that swing so I could go run and play.  You would finally put iPhone in your pocket and get me out.  My feet would hit the ground I would turn to see if you were following to play with me.  You weren't you had iPhone back out.  Remember the day I put the apple sticker on my forehead?  You guys laughed and laughed. You took a picture of me and posted it on facebook with the caption, "maybe I'll get your attention now."  Cause that's what I said.  Fun times huh? 
Well now we barley talk, and I hear you guys wondering whats wrong with me.  Why don't I want to talk to you?  What did we ever do.  Well I'm hoping that this letter will shed some light on those questions you have.  You see while I was learning how this world works, how relationships work, you were teaching me that I wasn't very important.  That my words didn't matter, that your time with iPhone was more valuable to you than time with me.  You taught me to not really pay attention to the words you says, by not paying attention to mine.  You taught me to answer with short uninterested replies.  You taught me to love my gadgets more than anything.  There is nothing wrong with me, I am just treating you the way you taught me to treat people.  Email, texting, tweeting, facebooking are the most important things in life, we take them where ever we go, and pick them up when ever they make a sound, no matter who we may hurt doing it. 

A kid just trying to help you understand